Trang Ha Fashionista, model, and influencer


Fashionista, model, and influencer Trang Ha, also known as Trana, proudly represents Vietnam in the fashion industry on the global level. From her first steps in modeling to gracing the covers of renowned magazines and collaborating with prestigious brands like Dior and Chanel, Trang’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. As the CEO of Hazel Media, she blends creativity and entrepreneurship, telling mesmerizing stories through her campaigns.

Trang, what attracts you to the fashion industry? Tell us your success story.

Hi everyone, I’m Trang Ha, you can call me Trana. I am a fashionista and CEO of my own media company and luxury pet business. I learned to dance and sing from the age of three, and at 14, I started my modeling career. I used to audition for movies, too. It’s a wonderful life when I can try everything I love.

What famous brands do you work with?

This year, I became an ambassador for Revolve and an influencer for Victoria’s Secret Pink. I also appeared on magazine covers like Moevir France, Glam Week GB, and Glamour. The highest point in my career is meeting with Vogue editors, Giles Hattersley and Mark Guiducci. Vogue also got me in the Spotlight and StyleGuide. I had collaborations with Lumina fashion from Italy, Millia London Haute Couture, Milla New York, Pervert, Autentika, Dior, Chanel, and Hermès for a beauty photoshoot. Also, I love attending Fashion Week every year.

What is your style in fashion, what brands and colors do you prefer?

Elegant, chic but also fashion-forward. This year I prefer everyday outfits from Pervert and Autentika, and for going out, my absolute favorite is Millia Haute Couture.

How long have you owned your own company? Tell us about it.

My company is Hazel Media. We have a production team that creates high-end commercials, photoshoots, and videos for all sorts of brands. With my 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, I have confidence that anyone can have a wonderful partnership with my company.

You are a well-known supplier of luxury animals to Vietnam. What breeds do you personally like and why?

I had my very first pet when I was just a little girl. My family always saw pets as family members and I love raising and taking care of them too. I have the first Afghan hound dog kennel in Vietnam called “Trana Afghan Hound Viet Nam”. We breed healthy and cute Afghan hound puppies. My puppies also collaborate with a lot of famous brands and magazines like Dyson etc. I love their amazing luxurious fur – it’s better than my hair, honestly. Also, they are incredibly charming and cute!

You look just beautiful. Share the secrets of your inspiration and beauty.

I have to work almost 14-16 hours every day and always stay up late past 3 a.m. That’s why my skincare routine is all about cleansing and moisturizing.

Because of my work, I often travel between different weathers and climates, so having many types of rehydrating and skin-brightening masks is a quick hack to give my skin gentle nutrition and help it relax. I like Laneige moisturizer, Lamer lip balm, and Vichy mineral spray. The most important thing is to drink enough water as well as eat fruits rich in vitamins. In my country, there is a very simple and cheap secret for everyone: drinking tea with fresh green tea leaves. It helps us fight oxidation and maintain weight very well.

Production: Hazel media
Photographer: Jackie Dinh Quan @jackie.saigon
Retouching: Jackie photographer SG @jackiephotographersg
Model: Trana @tranarussia
Make up: Trang Ha
Assistant: Hana @hana.ng27
Management: SAY MEDIA @say__media
Custom by: Millia London, Autentika @my_autentika, Pervert @perrverrtt, Lumina @lumina_fashion_official


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