The combination of what fundamental parts can create a conscious, developed, educated and advanced person? Model Miriam Mattova has experience in making sincere friendship, with support in all endeavors, faith, fundamental family values and a successful career. She is a unique combination of beauty of mind and richness of soul, wisdom and attractive appearance. What exactly led her to success in different areas of her life? Miriam, your photos adorn the covers of prestigious magazines, you have impressive titles in the world of beauty and fashion — Miss Slovakia 2012, Miss Bikini Universe 2013. You proudly call yourself a sapiosexual (as it is known for such people the partner appearance is of secondary importance, the mind is primary). How did you manage to make friends between beauty and intelligence? First of all thank you very much for the compliments. I am very humbled. For me creating meaningful connections that balance beauty and intelligence in friendship can be a rewarding experience and has a great importance to me, as I cherish my family and friends very much. It was always important for me to stay authentic and show my true self and let my genuine personality shine through. Authenticity is key in forming lasting friendship based on mutual respect. Engaging in Intellectual Conversations, seeking out individuals who enjoy conversations about various topics, engaging in discussions that challenge intellect can help forge deeper connections and friendship. Appreciating differences and embracing diversity in perspectives and interests for me means getting to know people with varying backgrounds and tastes that can offer or offered me unique viewpoints that enrich friendships. Lastly looking for common interests that bridge the gap between beauty and intelligence. Whether it’s art, literature, science, or other passions, shared activities can strengthen bonds or be strengthened by bonds in the
past. Showing empathy and support means for me that friendship thrives on empathy, understanding, and support. Being there for friends during both triumphs and challenges can solidify the bond. Value each person’s unique qualities, including their beauty and intelligence means respecting and noting what makes your friends special. By fostering a balance of beauty and intelligence in my interactions and relationships, cultivated friendship that are fulfilling, meaningful, and enriching for my life. 
You were the youngest doctoral student at the university in Slovakia. What significance did your doctoral degree have on your professional fulfillment? Education in general holds immense importance for
individuals, society, and the overall progress of humankind. Education is the foundation upon which we build our lives, contribute to society, and shape the future. I believe it has the fundamental right which has the power to transform lives, create opportunities, and bring positive change on a global scale. I believe that earning a doctoral degree can have
several significant impacts on a professional and personal fulfillment. A doctoral degree signifies a high level of expertise and specialization in a specific field, mine was political science as I wanted to ultimately understand and be an informed and engaged citizen with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of political landscapes, effect positive change, and contribute meaningfully to society. This expertise opened up opportunities for advanced roles, leadership positions, and consulting opportunities in my career. Many professions require a doctoral degree for career advancement, especially in academia, research, and certain specialized fields. Holding a doctoral degree can set me apart from others and enhance my professional reputation and can give me a wide variety of possible careers in the future. Pursuing and obtaining a doctoral degree involves rigorous research, critical thinking, and intellectual challenges. This journey of academic achievement brought a sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment. 
How did your amazing modeling career begin? Who opened you to the world? What was your most memorable experience during those times? This is a very tricky question. As I wanted to start modeling at an early age, where an agency wanted to give me a contract for a 7 years period.


My parents didn’t allow it as school and education was at great importance for them and therefore I had to prioritize my education. When I was 18 I applied for Miss Slovakia and that’s where it all started. I am very thankful to the Miss Slovakia organization for kicking off my career. Now it has been more than 10 years since I have competed in beauty pageants and during those times, competitions were viewed more as modeling competitions, where you needed to be at least 172cm and have a certain look for the modeling industry. Finally, these competitions would prepare you for the fashion world, thanks to which I signed an amazing contract and traveled to most of Asia during my modeling career. When I look back, I have to say the most memorable experience was representing my beautiful country Slovakia at an international competition in China with almost over 60 other women. It was a very proud moment for me, especially after I brought the winning crown back to Slovakia. I was only the second woman to win an international beauty pageant title! Since 2013 no other Slovak contestant has brought
another crown home yet. Currently my mother’s agency Icon Model Managment is in Toronto, and they have been a great agency and a support system .They have aligned
with my career goals and specialization very well and secured me a good name in the fashion industry. They helped me navigate the industry, even though I am not the youngest of age anymore. I believe networking in the beauty industry nowadays is very important
and thanks to industry events, fashion shows, casting calls, and networking opportunities I have connected with industry professionals, photographers, designers, and other models. I especially thank Roger Gingerich the CEO of the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival which is like my fashion father here in Toronto. Building a strong network can provide valuable contacts and open doors for opportunities, like it worked for me. I have to mention my favorite local designers who have supported me from the beginning of my career till today. Local designers often create unique and special products that fit exactly for me. That is given occasion that can’t be found in large chain stores. By supporting local designers, I have access to a wider variety of unique products which add style and creativity to my life. I find It very important to always represent local brands due to their amazing talent. Special thanks to Stephan Caras and Narces in Toronto and Jana Pistejova and Poner in the Czech and Slovak Republic for always standing by my side. It is always important to approach your modeling career with professionalism, dedication, and persistence. Stay committed to your craft, continuously improve your skills, and be prepared to handle


rejection and setbacks with resilience. Starting a modeling career requires determination, hard work, and a strong understanding of the industry. By staying proactive in pursuing opportunities, anyone can begin a journey towards a successful and fulfilling modeling career like I have. Which of your life achievements and challenges are especially meaningful to you? I would have to say thanks to my resilience, people may be surprised by my individual ability to bounce back from adversity and overcome challenges with grace and determination, and thanks to this I was able to achieve my Doctorate Degree which I believe was a big challenge but on the other hand a life achievement for me and my family. Growing up with strong family support, I valued education highly, leading me to complete a Master’s degree in Business and Marketing and enroll in a PhD program at a young age.
Life achievements and challenges contribute to shaping one’s sense of purpose and direction. They provide meaning to one’s journey, highlighting areas of passion, values, and aspirations. By embracing both achievements and challenges as integral parts of
life’s journey, I was able to harness these experiences to grow, evolve, and create a more fulfilling and meaningful life. It is through overcoming challenges and celebrating achievements that individuals can truly appreciate the depth and richness of their life experiences. 
You speak 4 languages, which ones exactly? Speaking foreign languages holds immense importance for several reasons. I speak fluently Slovak, English, Czech a German. I believe that learning foreign languages opens doors to understanding different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. It fosters empathy, tolerance, and appreciation for diversity. Learning a foreign language can help build meaningful relationships with individuals
from different linguistic backgrounds. It shows respect for others’ cultures and facilitates connections on a more personal level. Overall, speaking foreign languages is not just a skill but a gateway to a world of opportunities, enriching experiences, and deeper connections with people and the world at large. Embracing linguistic diversity contributes to personal growth, cultural awareness, and a more interconnected and harmonious global community.
ou speak fondly of your family, mentioning your grandmother, a Holocaust survivor. What family values do you think have most influenced your success in life? Are there any wise sayings/mottos from your family that help you win? My grandmother plays a significant role in my life. Her importance cannot be overstated. She is the greatest emotional support
for the whole family even though she is a holocaust survivor, and has survived the horrors of the Terezin concentration camp. I know I can always call her one of the most positive and loving people in the world

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and I proudly call her my grandma. My grandmothers often provided a sense of stability and emotional support to my life and offered me a very important listening ear and a comforting presence. Grandmothers can share valuable life lessons and wisdom, teaching
me the essential skills like cooking, cleaning, and caring for others. In my case my grandmother also passed on cultural traditions, historical stories, and family values, which lead to me to be a strong and proud Jewish woman. In my case my grandmother took on childcare responsibilities as well, helping with daily tasks, providing structure, and offering a nurturing environment. With the structure she provided she taught me the importance of a greater sense of control, improve their overall wellbeing, and develop positive habits that last a lifetime. Grandmothers often hold the memories and stories of their family’s past, passing on their experiences and knowledge to the next generation. This helps keep family history and cultural heritage alive. She always told me to stay positive and to look at the glass half full instead of half empty which gave me strength even in hard times of my career. My grandmother is a strong role models in our family, demonstrating resilience, kindness, and compassion, she serves as a source of guidance and wisdom. Her importance should not be underestimated, and she gave generally a great influence to our lives! 
Being a famous Jewish model we suppose you meet many Jewish women. How would you describe them? Being Jewish connects individuals to a rich cultural and historical legacy that spans thousands of years. Many Jews embrace shared values that have been passed down through generations, these values often guide their actions and serve as a source of inspiration. Jewish women come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and languages,
such as Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi. I am a proud Ashkenazi Jew which was passed down to me from my mother. Jewish women often form strong connections with other members of their community, supporting each other through shared experiences and
challenges. When I moved to Toronto alone I thought it would be very hard but thanks to the Jewish community I felt like home immediately. Therefore I know that being Jewish can provide a strong sense of belonging to a community, both locally and globally. For me, this sense of connection is a key aspect of my Jewish identity and an important source of support. By preserving these qualities, Jews can continue contributing to the world as a vibrant and influential community. Many Jewish women including myself prioritize family life which I find very important in today’s world. This means Jewish women are diverse and dynamic individuals who practice various religious traditions, play crucial roles in their communities, place a high value on education, and prioritize their families. They are dedicated to keeping traditional customs and values alive while also embracing new ideas and opportunities for their own growth. Many Jewish women keep traditional religious practices, including attending synagogue, observing Jewish holidays, and following dietary
laws (kashrut). They may also participate in religious rituals such as lighting the Sabbath candles or celebrating life cycle events. I find this very important as it was passed down in our family for generations. We must not forget that Jews are a minority group that have faced persistent persecution throughout history. Despite facing significant challenges, they have managed to maintain their unique identity and community. This historical resilience is a source of pride and strength for many Jews. The Jewish identity can be highly personalized and can encompass a broad range of perspectives and practices.

Photographed By: Shayan Sherwani
Styled by: Marina Raymar
Make-up by: Emma Redfield
Hair by: Inna Dudko



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