Hannah Widmer: “I believe in destiny and fate, but I also believe in the power of human choice”


You are a versatile person: you are fond of art-therapy, astrology, sports. At the same time, you still need to work and take care of yourself, where do you get the time and energy for all this?

My time and energy comes from within. For me, the passion for what I do keeps me driven and motivated to keep pursuing my dreams and doing what I love most. So, energy has never been an issue for me. Time does get cut short in certain areas, I have to balance or at least try to balance my modeling career, being a full-time college student, and riding/competing with my horse. I would prefer to keep busy, especially doing what I love.

Tell us please how one of your days (routine) is going?

No two days are the same for me. Each day is unique in what I decide to do. I try to always start and end my day with prayer and time for meditation. Then some form of physical movement such as: yoga, bike riding, and most recently rollerblading. I spend much of my time planning, working ahead, meetings, and riding my horse. I am also finishing my education, I am a full time college student majoring in elementary education, and I graduated with my BA in art therapy.

You believe in the stars and the Universe. How much do you think they affect our lives, and can a person change something that is destined by the stars?

? I believe that nothing in the universe is random. I believe in destiny and fate, but I also believe in the power of human choice. I believe that something can be fate, and be destined, but human mistakes can enter the picture making it an uphill battle to where we are destined to be.

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Do you check your horoscope every day or do you follow astrology more deeply?

I generally don’t have much interest in horoscopes, I have more interest in astrology. The moon phases, and the sky, can tell us what is happening in the world, and the state of the world now. Astrology, in my opinion, is definitely more reliable than horoscopes. As

As we have already said, you find time for all hobbies, work, while not forgetting about yourself. Tell us, which self-care procedures do you consider the most important? How often do you spend them?

Self care for me is enjoying what I am doing in that moment. For me this is horseback riding, spending time with my horse, reading, biking, yoga, and rollerblading. I try to do one or more of these activities at least once a day.

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How much time do you spend taking care of your figure?

I try to keep myself in physical shape but keeping up with some form of exercise on a daily basis. I really love to bike, and can go up to 20 miles a day. I also have picked up rollerblading, and this has been really fun for me to try and master. Lastly, riding horses has bene good for my cardio, and my overall strength. Riding requires balance, and core strength, something that is definetly not my strong point.

Can a popular model like you not care about what she eats? What helps you stay in shape?

I try to put good things into my body, or else it will love. What I eat generally has an effect on my whole well-being. I was best known for being able to eat an XL Symphony Bar in under five minutes so its definitely a balance.

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As far as we know, your favorite sport is equestrian. How and when did you start to get involved in it? Why?

I got involved in saddleseat when one my best friends, Ashley, and her grandmother Rusty, introduced me to saddlebreds. Ashley would take my to her grandparents farm, and I fell in love. I bought my first horse from Rusty, and the rest is history. Horses have played an incredibly important role in my happiness, and who I am today. My horse True Fortune, challenges me every single day.

What role does art therapy play in your life?

Art therapy is a really healing part of my life. It’s exactly like it sounds. Art comes in many forms: paintings, poetry, music, dance, photography, etc. Being able to lose yourself in the art process, helps a person to find themself, figure out who they are. It is different than traditional talk therapy, because it encourages the answer to come from within, and express yourself through the art. Rather than forcing conversation.

Let’s talk about fashion. What style do you follow in your daily life?

The style I follow is very minimalistic. I am not really very interested in jewelry, purses, or name brand shoes. Rather I try to dress as minimal as possible. Fashion isn’t something that I have ever really focused on. Anything from Free People is generally my go-to, as it is bohemian, chic, and minimal enough for me to enjoy.

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Name 3 things without which you will not leave the house?

Carmex, sunglasses, my little dog Ollie.

Can a sense of style be developed or is it an innate gift? What should I do in order to develop it?

I believe that style can be developed or come to a person naturally. It depends on the person and their personality. Some people are born with a better sense of style, while others learn along the way. In order for a person to develop style, I think that they would pay attention to the trends that are facing our modern world. Usually shops have styles laid out for a person.

What motivates you for new achievements? Does astrology play a role in this?

If I set my mind to it, I can do it. I never give up and I will see it through. Astrology does play a role in the fact that I listen when the universe speaks to me, and astrology plays a role in the happenings in the world.


Model: Hannah Widmer @hannah.r.widmer
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