Discover the latest trends at Shopping MallDova: Spring-Summer collections ’24! Energy, style and lots of color!


Spring brings an explosion of color and style at Shopping MallDova, where we are excited to present to you the new Spring-Summer ’24 collections. Here, shopping becomes a joyous journey and exciting discoveries for your wardrobe.

Discover the latest fashion trands and choose the perfect pieces that express your style and personality. Whether you want a casual outfit or an elegant one, at Shopping MallDova you can find everything you need to complete your wardrobe with freshness and refinement.

A journey into the world of trends and style:

At Shopping MallDova, every step means a breakthrough into the fascinating world of trends and style. The vibrant atmosphere and decor specially created for spring ’24 invites you to let yourself be carried away by energy and optimism.

March 8 — unforgettable gifts:

Women’s Day is approaching, and at Shopping MallDova, brands have prepared special gifts to celebrate the woman in your life. Discover elegant jewelry, exquisite perfumes, special clothing items and many other options that will bring a smile to the lips of your loved ones in your life.

Enjoy the magic of the beginning of spring, spending time in a beautiful atmosphere and full of surprises at Shopping MallDova.

«Discover spring at Shopping MallDova» — where every day brings a new opportunity to enjoy the new collections and the beauty of the season.


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