Weronika ROGOWSKA. The key is to connect with people. Be a great listener


Can you share how you began your career in the fashion industry and what inspired you to become a model?

When I was 17 a modeling agent noticed me at the shopping mall. He introduced himself and invited me for an appointment to the agency. Shortly after I went on a first contract to Tokyo. It was scary but fascinating the same time. I went out of my comfort zone and had to grow up fast. Had to break my fear and adjust to new culture. I have always been brave and wanted to discover the world and myself so getting into modeling was an easy choice. I’m also really artistic and creative. Self expression brings me joy!

What are your most memorable projects?

I think shoot for L’Officiel Austria in a middle of a forest, high heat but super talented photographer and such fun ideas and just phenomenal fall season outfits. I felt a team that makes something special happen and same time enjoying this project, giving our best. Second would be shoot for Maxim Australia because of the exotic location and breaking my barriers.

Sweater: MOSCHINO @moschino

Collaboration is essential in the fashion industry. How do you work with photographers, stylists, and other team members to bring a creative vision to life?

The key is to connect with people. Be a great listener. Always be humble, polite and understanding. Keep your mind and heart open. Luckily I’m blessed with a good intuition so I can sense real artist and people with passion. People who have soul and they love what they are doing. Love is the biggest power that makes incredible things happen. Always channel to it and the rest will follow. Keep doing your best for yourself and others.

NANUSHKA @nanushka

Are there any specific designers, brands, or photographers that you aspire to work with in the future?

My dream is to become a model for Agent Provocateur or Victorias Secret. I admire designers like David Koma, Mugler, Ellie Saab, Anthony Vaccarello. I worked with many talented photographers like Antione Verglas but my goal is to experience a shoot with Annie Leibovitz. I’m obsessed with fashion and absolutely love to dress up. Fashion is an expression of yourself. It’s your business card. I enjoy playing around with outfits and I often make a statement with my stylings.

Bra: Skims

Can you tell us more about this photo shoot that we are presenting to our readers and what was inspiring for such styling?

The shoot was incredible because of the team! We were so driven to make something beautiful happen. We put our heart and lots of energy in it. We wanted to be classy, tasteful, authentic and creative. We pushed boundaries and have been trying lots of ideas and options. We used our imagination and intuition to put outfits and make up together. Energy between us was friendly and open. We were so dedicated to this project and fully involved. Every step on the way was opening something new. Such a great journey! We were inspired by movies like James Bond or specific music. Lots of 70,80s vibe that was leading us. We wanted to show an image of feminine but strong and confident woman who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Bra: Skims

What is Weronika like in private?

Weronika is private is an extrovert. She loves people, has curious mind and open soul. She loves learning new things and she is constantly evolving. She is brave, she is a risk taker and a fighter for what she loves and cares about. She is romantic and sensitive. She is a dynamic person who enjoys sport and all sorts of activities. She never gives up and she is a truth seeker!


If you could pick one song to be the theme song of your life, what song would you pick?

I have so many in my mind. Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson, Like a Prayer by Madonna, Vogue by Madonna and Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh.


Today social media plays a vital role in putting your message across to your followers and fans. What is your message for the 105k followers on Instagram?

My message to my followers would be to keep searching for inner truth and to choose love over fear. To never give up on dreams and goals and to believe in yourself. We are here for a reason and we are worthy of everything we desire. I would advise to not waste time for comparison or to fit in society or to be a society version of success. Be who you are and find what makes you truly happy and fulfilled. It’s your journey. Don’t neglect healing and self work. You attract what you are.

Can you recall your first encounter with InSTYLE magazine and how this iconic publication has influenced your career as a fashion model?

I was contacted by InSTYLE and felt like we can make a special project happen. InSTYLE is a prestigious magazine with good reputation so I was easily convinced. I absolutely enjoyed working with creative team of talented people. We all happened to be artist and it makes project flow. Hoping for lots of success for all of us since we are full of love and passion.

Photographer: ANTHONY DELIA @anthonydelia
Model: WERONIKA ROGOWSKA @weronathalie
Stylist: LAIMA NOORI @styledbylaima_n
Hair and makeup: EMMA PLANT @emmaplantmakeup