The Forgotten Aesthetic


The Venezuelan model Samantha Lugo recently had a captivating photoshoot in abandoned silos.

The talented fashion photographer Gustavo Granados captured the essence of the location, while the outfits showcased in the shoot were from the new collection by Steven Meisel, a prominent figure in the fashion industry. The combination of Samantha’s presence, Granados’ artistic vision, and Meisel’s innovative designs resulted in a truly remarkable series of photographs. The abandoned silos provided a unique backdrop, adding an element of mystery and intrigue to the images. Granados’ ability to capture Samantha’s beauty and Meisel’s new collection made this photoshoot a standout in the world of fashion. In our InSTYLE editorial, we bring you the images.

Photo: Gustavo Granados @gustavogranadosphoto
Model: Samantha Lugo @samanthalugotv
Creative Director & Fashion Styled: Charina Chacon @charinachacon
Fashion Styled Assistant: Charymar Chacon @charymarchacon
Outfits: Steven Meisel @stevenmeiselofficial


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