Hi, Paloma welcome to InSTYLE Moldova. If we talk about your profession as a model, what is the most difficult and interesting thing in your work?

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. The fashion world is very competitive and demanding. Fashion is constantly changing and it is important to evolve. I am open to new ideas and embracing new trends but at the same time I try my best to stay true to my ideals. The most difficult lesson I have learned is rejection sometimes is a blessing and paves the way for an opportunity that will be the right fit. The most rewarding about my work as a model has been the ability to meet different people who bring diversity of thought. The new people I have met have helped me broaden my perspective.

Tell us about your amazing photoshoot for InSTYLE?

I am very proud of this photoshoot. This photoshoot brings the energy of summer and the wave of new hope. This shoot mostly focuses on the Chanel beach collection. It is both glamorous and functional.

You like fashion so much, what fashion trends of 2022 you like mostly?

I am enjoying the trend towards minimalism and focuses on textures. I enjoy Bottega Venetta’s focus on terry cloth and making an ordinary fabric extraordinary. I enjoy the boldness of color hues such as neon orange and kelly green.

Would you like to take part on LAFW or NYFW like a model in this year?

Yes, I would very much like to take part in LAFW and NYFW this upcoming year. I love the energy in the city during fashion week and would like to help showcase new designs.

What are some of the essentials that we can except 24×7 in your bag?

I always carry Nivea Lip Balm because it is moisturizing and also has vitamins. I also use Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Balm for a hint of color. Since, I am on the go a lot I carry a package of SmartSweets gummy bears for when I have low energy and need a boost. Lately, I carry Touchland’s glowmist. It is a handsanitzer that also has rosewater so it is soft on skin.

To start off, you look extremely gorgeous, what is your makeup regime and how much do you think fitness is important in one’s life?

Thank you so much. I have very sensitive skin and need to use products that are hypoallergenic. For many years I have used Clinque’s Facial Cleanser and Tatcha’s moisturizer. For days when I do not have a shoot I do not wear foundation or eyeshadow. I prefer a natural look and like to keep it simple. Usually, I only use Anastasia’s Eyebrow Gel, Chanel’s Les Beiges sheer bronzing powder, and a lipgloss. I believe it is important to also take care of the body and do some sort of physical activity. I often am bored on a treadmill or elliptical so I prefer to take classes such as kickboxing, Pilates, or cycling.

Let’s taking about your education. How to be the most beautiful lawyer?

I am very excited to have passed the Universal Bar Exam. I am currently admitted to the District Court of Columbia as an attorney. My dream job is to combine my passion for fashion and business as in-house general counsel for a fashion house such as LVMH or Capri Holdings.

Being a part of the fashion industry, how far do you think that this industry has come and what are some things you would like to change about it?

I think the industry has come very far in the way of inclusivity but still has a ways to go. Fashion should be accessible to everyone and should be representative of the dynamic world in which we all live. I think the fashion industry has gone from one extreme to the next and needs to find a middle ground. Fashion in the 90’s was not accessible to everyone and focused on an idealized image of woman. Currently, fashion houses have gravitated towards plus size. I would like the fashion industry to not overcompensate for past misgivings and showcase body positivity for other sectors such as the petite division.

As a traveler, what are some of your guilty pleasers that nobody else knows about? What would you choose between cuisines and street food?

I travel very often and am notorious for selecting hotels based on their spa. After a long day of travel on the first day I like to book a Swedish massage. This allows me to reset and prepares me for the week ahead. Depending on the city I will opt for street food. When I was in China I tried crickets on a stick and enjoyed it. However, when I am in Italy or I country I visit often I am less adventurous and like to order my favorites such as prosciutto and melon or linguini and clams.

Our readers were pretty excited to have you onboard, what is the message that you would like to give them?

I would like to remind the readers to follow their passions and it is okay to reroute and choose a different career path. People evolve and it is okay to realize what used to once give you joy perhaps does not anymore. It is important while on this journey, to remember to stay true to your principles and not to settle for anything less.