Sergio Davila saves the Pacific Ocean with a splash in Miss Peru Janick Maceta’s wardrobe


Sergio Davila Cruise 2023 Collection

In the movie «The Black Swan», the swan encourages us to discover our own inner beauty. It also encourages us to strengthen our relationships and empathy towards others. By discovering our own beauty, we develop the capacity to reach new states of consciousness and the development of intuitive abilities.

This is the point of inspiration for Sergio Davila’s Cruise 2023 collection; where the future of Fashion Recycled Pet Fiber blends and 3D Knitted fabrics take center stage and at the same time lead us to see unexpected textures where the inspiration comes from mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, also forms of art like the Black Swan and others. Sergio comes in this Cruise Collection with a new generation of textures created by him with new names like mermaid scales, the Fisherman, the sailor’s fishing net, the Swan and all this range of textures as if they were a new skin on models. The fabrics that are the future of Peruvian fashion have been exclusively manufactured by Tecnología Textil and the yarns for knitting by Itessa. Both companies have created the supplies in Peru to set the tone for a new era in Peruvian fashion towards the world.

Sergio Davila Cruise 23 Runway Show:

Saturday February 18th, 2023 / 4:00pm Esmeralda Club/ Nautical Headquarters Santa Maria del Mar / Lima / Peru

Presented by / IN STYLE Magazine

Photography/ @javicho.rivero
Styling & Clothes/ @sergiodaviladesign
Assist Styling/ @loliverag
Makeup & Hair/ @alteregoperu
Shoes/ @brunoferrini_oficial
Vídeo/ @yayo_filmmaker
Drone/ @Gianmarco_flores_e
Casting/ @silvanar0
Line up/ @54once
Runway Music/ @djigorcarrillo
Sound/ @iluminacorp

Extra Credits for Editorial:

Creative Direction/ @sergiodaviladesign
Cover Girl/ @janickmaceta
Assist Styling/ Chantal Aviles & Raul Passaro
Hair/ @ronaldomarti11
Assist Hair/ Enrique Colmenarez @enriquemcc
Make up/ Christian Marta

Special Thanks:

Jorge Mufarech @tecnologia_textil @itessaperu @jmtoutdoors @club.esmeralda @alteregoperu @brunoferrini_oficial Cassandra Sánchez De Lamadrid @casemaze Jessica Newton @jessicanewtonofficial_

Thanks to:

@thebeautyschoolperu @bodegamurga @peru @yayo_filmmaker @the_muse_house @ruedasmagicasperu
Michel Ipinza, Coqui Mufarech, Claudia Cabalá and Malu Ortega